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Relaxor PMN-PZT-CFCO-PVDF Nanocomposites

In this study, we have developed flexible relaxor type multiferroic PMN-PZT-CFCO-PVDF nanocomposite thin films and analyzed for energy and electronics applications. PMN-PZT-CFCO-PVDF nanocomposite thin films were developed by means of coprecipitated functional powders dispersed in PVDF polymer matrix by dispersion and casting process. Dielectric and piezoelectric properties were evaluated for these prototypes: dielectric constant,  RT = 1843 and piezoelectric constant, d 33 = 201 pC/N. The relaxor, magnetic and piezoelectric behaviour of these prototypes with low loss are identified as promising candidates for multilayer capacitors and piezoelectric energy harvesting applications. Indexterms - PMN-PZT, CFCO, PVDF, Dielectric, Relaxor, Piezoelectric, Magnetic, Nanocomposites, Multilayer capacitor, Energy harvesting.