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Preparation of Water Borne Paint from Acrylic-Based Copolymer Grafted with Sorbitol Alkyd Resin Empolying Nanocrystalline Fecr2o4 as Pigment

Waterborne alkyd resin has been prepared from sorbitol, linoleic acid and phthalic anhydride. Equimolar amounts of sorbitol and linoleic acid were reacted in presence of basic catalyst to get sorbitol monoester. The resulting monoester was reacted with phthalic anhydride to produce alkyd resin. Acrylic copolymer was prepared using bezoyl peroxide as initiator. This polymer was grafted to be alkyd resin through OH groups of sorbitol and COOH groups of acrylic resin. The resin thus obtained was characterized employing, FTIR and 13 CNMR techniques. Finally nanocrystalline ferric chromite was added to the resulting resin and vigursly stirred to get the paint. Ferric chromite was synthesise by solution combustion method and characterized by XRD and SEM techniques. The surface property of resin was exaimed by SEM. Index terms- Waterborne paint, Solution combustion, Resin, Nanocrystalline