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Development of a Seismic Micro-Zonation Map for The Saguenay Territory, Quebec

In order to realize a seismic risk analysis in the Saguenay territory, a seismic micro-zonation was developed to determine the potential of seismic site effects. The methodology used in this study is composed of three important steps. Firstly, a 3D geological model of the soft deposits was developed. Then representative average shear wave velocity values were assigned to the clay layer, to the granular deposits layer, to the till layer and to the bedrock. Finally, the average shear wave velocity of the first 30 meters was calculated over a regular grid for the study area. The results include a spatial distribution map of the average shear wave velocity in the first 30 meters and the spatial distribution map of the seismic soil classes from the National Building Code of Canada. Keywords- Seismic risk analysis ; seismic site effects ; V s,30 a