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Effect of Diammonium Phosphate Modification on The Chemical and Physical Properties of Ramie Fibers Reinforced Pla Composites

Ramie fibers reinforced PLA composites were manufactured by the help of hot compression machine. Ramie fibers were first treated with sodium hydroxide and later soaking in diammonium phosphate for further treatment. The efficiency of diammonium phosphate on interfacial adhesion has been evaluated by FTIR, TGA, and SEM. The FTIR results indicated that DAP-treatment had done well on the ramie fibers. The thermal degradation of treated ramie fibers PLA composites were significantly reduced as compared to theuntreated sample. The mechanical properties of treated ramie fibers PLA composites were superior to the untreated ramie fibers composite. The SEM graphs showed that DAP has distributed well in the fibers, and therefore, treated fibers become smoother and cleaner. Indexterms- chemical and physical properties,diammonium phosphate, Ramie fibers, PLA composites