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Effect of Metallic Pollutants (Cobalt, Nickel, Lead) on Seed Germination of Multipurpose Tree Species Acacia Auriculiformis

Present investigation revealed that, the concentrations of metallic pollutants Cobalt, Nickel and Lead chlorides were shown considerably significant impact on seed germination of Acacia auriculiformis. The cobalt chloride concentrations, days of germination and their interactions exhibited statistically significant effect on seed germination which decrease gradually with increasing the concentration, where the highest germination was recorded in control (95.56%) followed by 100 ppm (85.56%) and lowest in 2000 ppm (41.11%) 35 DAS. Effect of concentration of Nicl2 and days to germination and their interaction were found statistically significant for germination of A. auriculiformis. The control showed maximum germination (95.56%) compared to presence of NiCl2 in different concentrations. Among the different concentrations of Nickel chloride, 100 ppm exhibited 86.67 per cent seed germination followed by 200, 500, 700 and 1000 ppm, while minimum (43.33%) was recorded in 2000 ppm. Germination of seed in various concentrations of the Lead Chloride was found statistically significant in order of 95.56 > 83.33 > 74.44 > 70.00 > 60.00 > 48.89 and 32.22 per cent in the presence of 0,100, 200, 500, 700, 1000 and 2000 ppm of Lead Chloride concentrations respectively at 35 DAS. Keywords - Cobalt, Nickel, Lead, germination, MTP’s, Acacia auriculiformis