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Influence of Ability to Manage and Perceive Emotions on Self-Efficiency

The present study focuses on ability to perceive emotions which impacts the self-efficiency of a person. The sample of 210 students (from IIT Roorkee) was taken. Participants were subjected to an experimental environment to select dominant expression in chimeric faces. Software designed on PHP was customized with chimeric faces of Indian origin to observe reaction time taken to perceive emotions and then self-efficiency was self-reported by participants with questionnaire. The observed data was analysed with regression analysis. The study concluded with the results stating that the time required to perceive and judge emotions have major impact on self-efficiency. Lesser the time required to analyse emotion, higher is the self-efficiency of an individual. Also the reaction time to perceive positive emotion was lesser than perceiving negative emotions. Males and females have almost similar self-efficiency (SE) scores but the impact of reaction time on SE for males were more than females. The results of the study suggested that the ability to perceive and manage emotions has a greater role on SE in general. Also, efficiency of males gets more influenced than females due to emotions. Keywords— Emotions; Self-efficiency; Chimeric faces; Reaction time.