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Evaluation of Antioxydant Activity of Some Algerian Olive Oil Samples

Our study aims to the evaluation of the antioxidant activity of five Algerian olive oil samples (Chlef, Jijel, Tissemsilt, Bejaia and TiziOuzou). The following results were found: Physicochemical caracterisation revealed that our samples are conform to standards prescribed by IOC(2013) as they are type-oleic and linoleic vary between virgin and extra virgin. Chlef, Djijel and Bejaiaoils are richer in carotenoids then that of TiziOuzou and Tissemsilt. Chlef and Tissemsilt oils are rich in phenolic compounds more than other oils and have revealed thevery important antioxidant activity and the largest inhibitory power of peroxidation Keywords- olive oil, phenolic extracts, antioxidant activity, Algeria