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Effect of Different Meteorological Weeks on Yield Parameters of Mustard

A field experiment was conducted at agronomy farm, college of agriculture, Nagpur. The component was laid out in split plot design with four sowing dates 42nd, 43rd, 44th, 45th MW. Sowing on 43rd MW found to be superior on various growth characters viz., plant height, number of branches plant-1, number of leaves plant-1, dry matter accumulation plant-1. The yield contributing characters viz., number of siliqua plant-1, number of seeds siliquae-1, test weight, seed yield plant-1 were recorded maximum in 43rd MW over sowing on 42nd, 44th and 45th MW. In respect of oil yield ha-1 and oil content 43rd MW proved to be superior over rest of the sowing dates. Seed yield (q ha-1) recorded maximum in 42nd MW. Sowing beyond 42nd MW significantly reduced yield of mustard. Index Terms— Optimum sowing date, Mustard, growth, yield.