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The Potentials of Monitoring Cytoplasmic Environment Using the Nano Machine in Real Time

The purpose of nanotechnology is the ability to work at the molecular level in vivo, to create nanomachine with fundamentally new molecular organization. Nanorobotics that is a part of nanotechnology deals with robots at nano scale of size ranging from 0.1-10 μm. A nanorobot with an extremely small robot would perform a specific task with precision at nano-scale. The origin of nanorobot, the idea of injecting the small robots into the human body is derived from biological models of bacteria. Nanorobots would monitor inside cell in real time, and repair the damage which accumulates as a result of metabolism. Medical nanorobots will offer the opportunity of new tools for the treatment of various human diseases and the improvement of human healthcare system such as monitoring of chronic diseases in molecular level. Communication and networking between nanorobot and doctor would further advance their capabilities , and propose solutions at most of Ubiquitous Healthcare problems. 21C healthcare based on IoNT powered e-health systems will make health monitoring, diagnostics and treatment more personalized, timely and convenient. Keywords - healthcare, nanomedicine, nanotechnology, Inter-net of Nano Things