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Assesment of Ground Water Levels & Quality of Water (In the Watershed Included in the Veerlapadu, Kanchikacherla & Ibrahimpatnam Mandals of Krishna District)

Our project is monitoring of ground water levels & the water quality standards in the watershed named kri-D-51- Kanchikacharla comprises of 29 villages in the Veerullapadu, Kanchikacharla, Ibrahimpatnam mandals of Krishna district, Andhra Pradesh. We visited every village and monitored the selected open well or tube wells regarding the ground water levels and a sample have been taken from each monitored well and tested for various parameters respective to the Bureau of Indian Standards (IS: 10500, 1991 rev 2.2). The water samples are been analyzed and the water quality standards are been determined. The obtained results are been analyzed and are been correlated with previous data. The reports determined the fluctuations of the ground water levels over the watershed. It is observed that the most the water samples objectionable for the human use. They possess mostly darkish water, iron content, hardness, calcium, nitrates are higher than the permissible limits. The remedial measures for control of depletion of ground water levels are been proposed. Keywords— Aquifer, Control of Depletion, Hardness, Water Table, Water Quality.