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Isolation of Pigment-Producing Bacteria From Surface Water and Study Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of the Purified Pigments

During the past two decades research on aquatic bacteria has highlighted because the tremendous potential of these microorganisms as a source of new bioactive secondary metabolites and it is reported that most of the aquatic bacterial pigments exhibited biological activity. In the present study, pigmented bacteria were isolated from surface water samples collected from North West of Iran. The extracted pigments were included: orange pigment (extracted from Exiguobacterium sp), red pigment (extracted from Serratia marcescens) and pink-red pigment (extracted from Serratia marcescens), SPF value of the pigments were found to be 1.785,1.629 and 2.72 respectively The results revealed that bacterial pigments have the ability to absorb UV radiation. Therefore, these agents atoptimum concentrations could produce several beneficial effects to the skin apart from functioning as an uv filters. Key words- Pigment, Bacteria, Extraction, SPF