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Investigation on Mechanical Properties of Epoxy/Polyester Based Composites

Polymer glass fiber reinforced composites plays a vital role in day to day life. The aim of this research Article is processing of Epoxy and polyester based composites reinforced with Glass Fiber and filled with the natural fillerArabic Gum Tree Coal Powder (A.C.P) which is prepared by carbonization of Arabic Gum Tree Stem. Manual hand layup process is adopted for preparation of composite with 2.5wt%, 5wt% and 7.5wt% of A.C.P. with Glass fiber of 40 wt% reinforced in Epoxy/Polyester resins by varying their compositions with respect to the composition of the filler material. After the preparation of composites with the compositions, specimen were prepared as per ASTM Standards for Mechanical characterizations. Tensile Strength, Flexural Strength, ILSS, Impact Strength and Hardness were determined. Index Terms— Epoxy/polyester composites,A.C.P, Tensile Strength, Flexural Strength, ILSS, Impact Strength, Hardness.