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Determining Probability Distribution For Streamflow Regions Using Partial-Moments

An attempt has been made to model the annual maximum streamflow, utilizing the guidelines in the regional flood frequency analysis. The Partial L-moments (PL-moments) at several censoring levels are employed to estimate the regional parameters of three extreme value distributions, namely; generalized extreme value (GEV), generalized logistic (GLO) and generalized Pareto (GPA) distributions. A total number of 18 streamflow stations located throughout the eastern region of Peninsular Malaysia were used as a case study. Firstly, the data is screening out for data verification and quality control. Next, identification of homogeneous regions is made using homogeneity test based on PL-moments. The PL - diagram is then constructed and GEV and GLO distributions appeared to be the acceptable distributions for representing the regional data. However, it is relatively difficult to identify a particular distribution that most fitted the regional data.Thus, goodness-of-fit test (Z-test) is used and the result showed that the most appropriate distribution for modeling maximum streamflow in the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia, based on PL-moments is the GLO distribution. Keywords— Partial L-Moments, Frequency Analysis, Parameter Estimation, Censoring Level.