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Detection of Wolbachia Endobacteria in Parasitoids Associated With Starfruit Cultivations in Malaysia

The study of endosymbiontWolbachia can be considered as new topic of discussion to entomologists and bacteriologists in Malaysia. Little knowledge is known regarding the status of Wolbachia infections in Malaysia populations. In this study, ten filamenting temperature sensitive gene (ftsZ) sequences were obtained from parasitoidsamples that associated with starfruit (Averrhoacarambola) cultivations in Peninsular Malaysia (Kluang, Lanchang, Serdang, and Sungai Baging). The results found that three parasitoid species have been proven to be harbouring Wolbachiaviz.Fopiusarisanus, F. vandenboschi, and Psyttalia sp. 1. The phylogenetic results have confirmed that all of the parasitoid samples in this study belong to theWolbachiasupergroup A. Keywords— Detection, Phylogeny, Parasitoid, Starfruit, Filamenting temperature sensitive (ftsZ), Malaysia.