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Butyrylhomoserine Lactone as The Quorum Sensing Signal Molecule in Psuedomonasaeruginosap3 Newly Isolated From Stressed Soil

Quorum sensing is a form of bacterial communication and is usually associated with many specific functions of the bacterial strain. In this work an attempt was made to screen quorum sensing gram negative bacteria from soil consistently stressed with pollutants. Primary screening of the isolateswith CV026 bioassay, gave four quorum sensing strains. Identification of the selectedisolatewasdone by 16SrDNA analysis. Phylogenetic analysis of the isolate with reference to the standard quorum sensing species, Chromobacteriumviolaceum showed that the isolate p3 isPsuedomonasaeruginosa P3 with the gene bank accession number KF171477. Confirmation of quorum sensing in the selected PsuedomonasaeruginosaP3 was done on the basis of specific luxI/R homologue amplification followed by characterization of signaling molecule. TLC, HPLC and FTIR analysis of the ether extracted culture medium indicated the presence of N-acetyl homoserine lactone derivative and LC-Q-ToF confirmed the molecule as butyrylhomoserine lactone. Index Terms- Quorum sensing, Psuedomonasaeruginosa, N-Acyl homoserine Lactone, LC-Q-ToF