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Destabilization Potential of Fe3+and Al3+Chloride Salts and Acid-Free-Polyferric Chlodie Polymer of M(Oh)2 in AMD Sample Without Ph Adjustment

This study is aimed at the treatment of AMD using acid free polymers prepared by the mixture of FeCl3 and Mg(OH)2. In this study, 200 mL of AMD was dosed with Fe3+or Al3+ salts and a synthetic polymer of FeCl3 and Mg(OH)2respectively. Three treatment methods were employed such as a jar test, no mixing and shaking of the AMD with these reagents. The samples settled for 1 hour in each experiment after which the pH, conductivity and turbidity were measured. The experimental results showed that turbidity removal in the samples with AlCl3 and a synthetic acid free polyferric chloride polymer(af-PFCl) is high and comparable. The SEM micrographs show that the sludge in the samples with af-PFCl dosage consists of a large cake-like structure, which is typicalof optimal adsorption. The formation of the precipitates was found to be influenced by the ionic strength of the metal ion rather than by the pH of the solution. Keywords— AMD, Coagulant, Mixing, Shaking.