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Antimicrobial and Hemolytic Activity of Different Extracts of Arnebia Benthamii

Arnebia benthamii a herbaceous perennial herb belonging to the family Boraginaceae is a high-value medicinal plant that occurs in the alpine and subalpine Himalaya. The flowering shoots are used for making various products such as syrup and jam. Gule Kahzaban” a very costly medicine is isolated from it. It is principally used in several cases of chronic constipation, fever, cough, cold and wound healing. Arnebia benthamii plant is used in various diseases e.g. cardiac disorder, fungal infections, jaundice and urinary problems. The phytochemical screening of the` Arnebia benthamii plant extracts showed the presence of alkaloids, phenols, anthraquinones and flavonoids in aerial part and root part extracts of the plant and the root part extract showed the presence of terpenoids. The Chloroform extract of leaves showed maximum antibacterial action against M. luteus , B. licheniformis & antifungal activity against A. flavus and A. niger. The chloroform extract of leaves possess minimum hemolytic activity. Keywords— Arnebia Benthamii, Antibacterial, Antifungal, Hemolytic Activity.