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Mechanical Studies on Chitosan/PVA Blend With Calcium Chloride as Ionic Crosslinker

The present research aimed to enhance the flexibilty of chitosan(CS)-Polyvinyl Alcohol(PVA) blend films crosslinking with Calcium chloride(Cacl2).The blending of CS-PVA along with calcium chloride as Ionic crosslinking agent was confirmed by XRD. The mechanical property of the CS-PVA films was examined by universal mechanical tester (ASTMD) .The % Elongation and Young’s Modulous of the CS-PVA blend was enhanced from 17.16% and 0.98 Mpa after crosslinking with calcium chloride to 294.70% and 8.9 Mpa with decrease in tensile strength(TS) ,Thus the results indicate that the crosslinked CS-PVA blend films have great flexibility than CS-PVA blend alone hence promises to be a good material for the biomedical and food packaging applications. Keywords— Chitosan-Polyvinyl Alcohol blend, cross linking, flexibility.