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Water Purification by Hen Feathers and Self Prepared Coconut Shell Carbon and Embed in Bioplastic System Which is Also Made Up of Hen Rachis

Water is an essence of life. Due to various civilization activities and industrialization numerous impurities such as biological contaminants, salts, heavy metal ions etc. have been introduced in water. These impurities are harmful for living beings as well as aquatic life. Thus the quality of water is depleting day by day and purification of water is the need of present day. Though there are several methods to purify water, still lacks the cost effectiveness. Thus, here in we conducted a study on purification of water which is aimed to remove both biological as well as suspended impurities at cost effective way by using waste products. Our study deals with the construction of a prototype which works on the principle of adsorption. Keywords— Coconut Shell Activated Carbon, Hen Feathers, Hen rachis, chlorination process, sand granules and Adsorption Phenomenon.