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Effect of Interleaf Sequence in Nanomodified Laminates Under Impact Loading

Interleaving nanofibrous mats between composite layers is one the best method for increasing the toughness of composite laminates. In this study, the effect of nanofibers on the response of modified laminate under impact loading is considered as the first step. Since the production of nanofibers can be very expensive, in the second step of this study the effect of different kinds of interleaf sequence on delaminated area is investigated. The number of nanofibrous mats to cover all layers is ten, but for investigating the effect of interleaf sequence 5 numbers of nanofibrous mats interleaved between composite layers in different situations: 1- five nanofibrous mats in top section of laminate. 2- five nanofibrous mats in down section of laminate 3- five nanofibrous mats in middle section of laminate. Surely, the most efficient method is putting nanofibers between all layers, but the results show that the second rank among the mentioned methods is the third one (putting nanofibers in middle section). Keywords- Composite laminates, Nanofibers, Impact loading, Finite element method.