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Long Vanadium (V) Oxide Nanowires Grown by a Low Pressure System

Synthetic vapor testimony (CVD) is an ideal strategy to grow an assortment of nanostructures because of its adaptability and great reproducibility. CVD union of high angle proportion around 20 μm long and 90 nm breadth vanadium (V) oxide nanowires (V2O5 NWs) was examined. All the more particularly, the impact of shifting argon and hydrogen gasses fractional weights was examined and found to assume an imperative part in controlling the V2O5 NWs viewpoint proportion. Investigation utilizing x-beam diffraction (XRD), checking electron microscopy (SEM), Raman spectroscopy and nuclear power microscopy (AFM) were done to portray the incorporated materials. Such nanomaterials are extremely encouraging in gadgets and warm radiation applications. Keywords- Chemical Vapor Deposition; Nanowires; Vanadium (V) Oxide, Growth Mechanism, Annealing, Etching