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Determination of Her2 Status of Archived Frozen Section-Originated Breast Cancer Sample Using Quantitative PCR Method

HER2 gene amplification has been known to impact on breast cancer development in 25-30% of overall breast cancer cases. This gene is frequently used as a biomarker for evaluating the status of the disease or as a predictive biomarker to evaluate the efficacy of cancer-targeted drug such as trastuzumab in HER2 positive breast cancer. On the other hand, the lack of accuracy of currently used a method such as immunohistochemistry (IHC) to evaluate the status of HER2 in breast cancer patient hampers for choosing optimal therapy in breast cancer and has promoted the development of new alternative molecular method with more precise, specific and sensitive. Here we reported an application of qPCR using 2ΔCT method to count the HER2 copy number in breast cancer patients and to confirm the result with IHC-obtained HER2 status of patients. The standard curve of two genes amplification (HER2 and whn gene) showed good coefficient regression with efficiency value was close to 100%. Moreover, the HER2 amplification of breast cancer patients using 2ΔCT method produced perfect accordance with IHC result, indicating the qPCR method developed in this study has potential as alternative for HER2 gene quantification with high accuracy and simple. Index Terms— HER2, qPCR, 2ΔCT method, standar curve, whn.