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Response Surface Methodology Application in Optimization of Thai Pomegranate Seed Oil Using Supercritical Fluid Extraction

The purpose of this study was to obtain optimize condition for extracting oil from pomegranate seed by using Supercritical fluid extraction. The optimal extraction condition to prepare oil from pomegranate seed with highest yield was determined using Box-Behnken design experimental and the Response Surface Method was applied to get the optimization condition. Three factors with three level used in this experiment are the extraction pressure, extraction temperature and extraction time. The optimum extraction conditions were as following: extraction pressure at 40 MPa, extraction temperature at 55 celsius degree and extraction time at 120 minutes that gave the highest yield of pomegranate oil at the level of 4.50%. From the experiment, the result showed that the extraction pressure affected to the percentage yield of oil (p<0.05) more than extraction temperature and extraction time. Keywords- Box-Behnken design; Response Surface Method; percentage yield; pomegranate oil