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Document Authentication And Verification

Abstract— The leading problem in passport, driving license, identity card authentication is to authenticate the document for its owner. The captious factor of this authentication procedure is to establish a correspondence between document's photo and its owner. A document contains holder details in supplement to the holder’s signature. We put forth an authentication scheme by extracting some details of the holder including number, name, and other relevant details converting them into a watermark and digesting them in a form by applying some techniques that can be hidden in the photo. The computers have revolutionized the document authentication process by using the computer in fixing the photo on the document during the issuing of document and also verifying the document by scanning it. During the issue of any document, a watermark can be created based on the details of the holder full name and unique number and it can be hidden in the photo on the document using watermarking technique. By using this technique, during the document verification process, computer can be used in scanning the photo to check whether the photo has been replaced by comparing the invisible watermark hidden in the photo with the holder’s details including the full name and other relevant details. Because this technique has used only one pixel for hiding the watermark, it satisfied the robustness against image compression.