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Embedded Systems And Autonomous Car

Abstract: The technical Brilliance and Developments in different fields have led to a drastic change especially in the communication field.. There are many paradigm shifts taking place due to information explosion and the concept of autonomous vehicle is one shift. Devices with intelligence rule the world. Imbibing intelligence to these devices is through a system called Embedded System. Embedded Systems are used in many ways. In business, to track inventories with bar codes and scanners, check the credit status of customers, and transfer funds electronically. In homes, tiny embedded systems in the electronic circuitry of most appliances control the indoor temperature, operate home security systems, tell the time, and turn TV, Players on and off. In automobiles to regulate the flow of fuel, thereby increasing gas mileage, and are used in anti-theft systems. The car, which is embedded, can simulate the human driver completely and direct the vehicle on the road. Autonomous vehicle is the drastic change in technical brilliance and developments in different fields with Embedded System as pioneer.