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The Spatial Distribution of Pedogenetics of Soil Processes in the Valley of Oued Righ.Algeria (Sahara North East) A Geomorpho-Pedological Approach

Modern soil characterization stems primarily from the nature of pedogenesis that spawned them and pedo-climatic conditions that president for their operation in the arid regions implementing culture of these spaces shall not be subject to benchmarks analog assessment based only on a soil characterization based on physico-chemical that however certain analytical procedures are deficient for soil accumulations salines and especially soil gypseous but a complete study (mineral and microscopic) analysis associated with a precise knowledge of the landscape as the evolutionary aspect of these soils and the results between pedogenesis processes and Morphogenesis it becomes imperative to link former and current environment thanks to the geomorphological surveys, microscopic and diffractometric Key words- Sahara, Algeria, geomorphology, pedology, Chott, glacis, mineralogy, salinity, gypsum