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Hybridity and Genetic Purity Testing of Pearl Millet [Pennisetum Glaucum (L.) R. Br.] Hybrid Shraddha

The hybridity and genetic purity of pearl millet hybrid Shraddha was analyzed by PCR-based SSR markers in present research. Amongst the 20 primers screened to identify the specific marker associated with hybrid and parental lines, only six primers viz., PSMP-2084, PSMP-2013, PSMP-2202, PSMP-2089, PSMP-2270 and PSMP-2272 were able to produce both female and male parent specific alleles and helped to assess hybridity and genetic purity of the hybrid. SSR marker PSMP-2084 amplified allele size 232 and 455 bp and PSMP-2272 amplified alleles of size 270 and 370 bp which were specific to female parent (RHRB 1A) whereas, alleles of size 343 and 370 bp amplified by PSMP-2084 and PSMP- 2272 respectively, were specific to male parent (RHRBI 138). Also, PSMP-2013 amplifying allele at 134 and 180 bp, PSMP-2089 amplifying allele at 142 and 331 bp and PSMP-2202 amplifying allele at 148 and 162 bp were distinguished the hybrid by expression of parent specific alleles. Another marker, PSMP-2270 amplified alleles at 154, 420 and 512 bp in hybrid and both of its parents. Study leads to conclude that, PSMP-2084, PSMP-2013, PSMP-2202, PSMP-2089, PSMP- 2270 and PSMP-2272 markers were hybrid specific and can be utilized for hybridity and genetic purity testing of hybrid Shraddha. Index Terms— Pearl Millet, Genetic Purity, Hybridity, SSR, Molecular Markers.