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Auto-Calibration of MOS Gas Sensors Based on Goodness of Fit Algorithm

Gas sensors need to be calibrated from time to time due to the dynamic nature of the gas sensor characteristics, to ensure accurate results. The process of calibration is a tedious and time consuming task which requires an individual to carry out the entire process. An auto-calibration device for a solid state MOS gas sensor network is designed, which reads the sensor voltages, plots the graph and hence obtains the equation of the sensor. The device is tested on a custom made NO2 sensor. The values of voltage are plotted against concentration (ppm). The goodness of fit of the data for three functions-linear, logarithmic and power function is compared and data is fit into the most suitable function using regression analysis. Finally, the graph and equation of the sensor is displayed. On comparison with the standard calibration methods, the proposed device eliminates the hectic process of calibration and also fits the data into the most efficient function. Index Terms— Auto-Calibration, Gas Sensor, Goodness of Fit, Regression Analysis