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Design and Analysis of To-8 and To-16 Polyetheretherketone Packages For Gas Sensors

With the advent of MEMS technology, solid state sensors have become more and more common in sensor modules used to detect various gases. Two simple conventional packages (headers) for gas sensors are the TO-8 and TO-16 packages. Due to their miniature size the dimensions become difficult to manufacture which in turn raises the cost of fabrication of these package headers increasing cost of the gas sensor component as a whole. Presently, Nickel is used as the packaging material for most gas sensors. To substitute Nickel as the packaging material, alternate materials and their respective performances were inspected. Certain aspects that play a role in the selection of packaging material of the sensor are; temperature resistance, vibration, natural frequency, ultraviolet ray resistance, overall strength (during fabrication), corrosion (application dependent gases) as well as cost. On the basis of material properties and performance analysis, Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) was found suitable for the aforementioned requirements for a wide range of applications. Keywords— Composite Plastic, Finite Element Simulation, Gas Sensor, Packaging Material, Polyetheretherketone.