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Miniaturized Gas Sensing Assembly For Automobile Exhaust

Vehicle emissions are composed of a plethora of toxic, non-toxic and greenhouse gases. These consist of Nitrogen Oxides (NOx), Sulphur Oxides (SOx), Carbon Monoxide (CO) and carbon dioxide (CO2). The detection and analysis of these gases is vital in the fight against climate change. With the advent of MEMS technology, solid state sensors have become more and more common in sensor modules used to detect various gases. These sensors used to detect the aforementioned gases are highly delicate and must be placed in protected, safe and suitable environments to perform accurately. This mechanical investigation has lead into the designing and analysis of a miniaturised chamber that is mounted in proximity to the exhaust gases emanating from the tail pipes of automobiles. The chamber protects the sensors from high temperatures, humidity, prevents back pressure or back flow and allows the sensors a sampling time, all while being economical, compact and easy to use. Data from the sensors may be used to actively monitor emissions from the internal combustion engines and hence allow authorities to take off the roads, vehicles that do not meet the emission standards if they exceed them or send the vehicle for servicing. This would mean an overall improvement in the quality of automobiles. Keywords— Automobile Exhaust, Exhaust Gases, Sampling Chamber, Solid State Sensor.