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Extraction of Ginger Oil Using Different Methods and Effect of Solvents, Time, Temperature to Maximize Yield

Ginger (Zingiber officinalis, Roscoe) is one of the most widely used species of the ginger family and is a common condiment for various foods and beverages. Ginger can be extracted using a variety of methods such as Soxhlet Extraction, Ultrasound assisted extraction, and autoclave agitator etc. Optimal extraction conditions: at temp 80oC, at a 60 min extraction time. This study applied that acetone is better solvent and soxhlet extraction is better method to determine optimum extraction conditions for fresh ginger to produce a high yield of ginger oil. The factors included reaction time, extraction temperature, extraction pressure and effect of solvents. As per experimental work soxhlet extraction is better method for extraction than other methods. Soxhlet extraction is shown to be a promising technique for the operation, because of its high recovery, process simplicity, thermal stability and low energy requirement. This study might as well discover potential savings in its operational cost and also environmental friendly. Keywords— Ginger Oil, Soxhlet Extraction, Effect of Temperature.