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Enhanced Energy Storage Properties Of Linbo3 Modified BNT-BCT Lead-Free Piezoceramics

In the present work, the composition and temperature-dependence energy storage properties of (1–x) (0.91Na0.5Bi0.5TiO3–0.09Ba0.70Ca0.30TiO3)–xLiNbO3 (abbreviated as BNT–BCT–LN, where x=0–0.04) lead-free piezoceramics were investigated. The ceramics with x ≤ 0.020 have pure perovskite structure, while a secondary phase appears in the samples with x ≥ 0.020. X-ray diffraction patterns revealed pseudocubic symmetry for all the studied compositions. The maximum permitivity temperature (Tm) increased with increasing amount of LiNbO3-modification, but the values of ferroelectric to relaxor transition temperature (TF-R) and maximum dielectric constant (􀀀m) decrease gradually. LiNbO3 addition interrupted the ferroelectric order of the host BNT–BCT perovskite ceramics, lead to a reduction in the remnant polarization and coercive field. However, along with this destabilization, a significant enhancements in the energy storage properties were observed. It was found that the addition of LiNbO3 enhanced the difference between maximum polarization and remnant polarization that results in the improvement of energy storage properties. For x=0.02 sample, at ferroelectric to ergodic relaxor phase transition, a relatively large recoverable energy density (W = 0.54 J/cm3) was achieved. These outcomes indicate that the synthesized system might be a promising environmental friendly candidate for energy storage capacitor applications. Keywords- Lead-free, piezoelectricity, Ferroelectricity, Energy Storage, Capacitors