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Swell-Shrink Properties of Expansive Soil With River Sand as Additive

This paper presents a report on the laboratory investigation of the swell-shrink properties of expansive soil with river sand as additive. The river sand content of the prepared samples was varied between 10% and 60%. Free swell test, volumetric shrinkage test and the coefficient of linear extensibility (COLE) test were carried out. Increasing the percentage of the river sand additive reduced the values obtained in these tests. The results of the tests showed that the free swell values ranged between 3.5% and 10%; the volumetric shrinkage values ranged between 0.04% and 0.38% and the COLE values ranged between 3% and 6%. These values were found to be within tolerable limits and do not serve as severe threat to structures and roads in the area where sample was obtained. River sand is therefore a good mechanical stabilizer in managing expansive soil. Keywords- Expansive soil, Free swell, volumetric Shrinkage. Clay, River sand