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Environmental Management of Urban Transportation For Fuel Consumption, Case of Arak City, Iran

Urban transportation forms an important contributor in the field of energy. Urban activities are of considerable concern in the environmental management. And however the objectives of this study are to develop of a GIS model with an acceptable accuracy, to plan appropriate locations for main transportation destinations and also to develop of urban transportation network to address one issue- fuel consumption. Arak (a strategic city in Iran) has been chosen as the case study. Methodology of this study helps to select suitable sites for development of urban transportation network and main destinations. GIS as a powerful tool is applied for layers overlaying and interpretation of several scenarios. Developed GIS model is employed for establishing of urban transportation networks planning and main transportation destinations. Based on the fuel consumption parameters, suitable maps are produced. These maps show there are non-suitable zones for most of main destinations. This research has successfully initiated the development of a scientific approach for current and future model development. The output of this model development has shown the approach can be employed in transportation planning and main destinations suitability assessment at both the local and national structure plan levels. The results focus on the approaches such as road type change and location changes of the main destination landuses to upgrade accessibility. Keywords— Transportation Network, Arak, Environmental Management and GIS.