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FTIR Studies of Copper Substituted Lithium Ferrite Prepared by the Citrate Precursor Method

A series of copper substituted lithium ferrites with the compositional formula 􀜮􀝅 􀬴.􀬹􀬿􀬴.􀬹􀯫 􀜥􀝑􀯫􀜨􀝁􀬶.􀬹􀬿􀬴.􀬹􀯫 􀜱􀬸 where 0.1 ≤ 􀝔 ≤ 0.3 in step of 0.05 have been synthesized by the citrate precursor method. The characterization was performed by using X-ray diffractometer and far infrared spectroscopic technique.XRD pattern confirmed the spinel phase structure of the prepared samples. Infrared spectra were measured in the frequency range of 400 cm-1 to 4000 cm-1. Experimental result reveals the presence of splitting in the absorption band due to the presence of some ferrous ion. Two absorption bands was observed where strong absorption band corresponds to the metal oxygen vibration at tetrahedral sites and weak band to that of the octahedral sites. Results obtained with the contributing mechanism are being discussed. Keywords— Ferrites, Spinel Phase, Far Infrared Spectra.