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Blood Leakage Monitoring System Using IR Sensor in Hemodialysis Therapy

This paper describes the application of IR sensor installed in a blood leakage monitoring system to detect blood leakage during hemodialysis treatment. The signal received by the sensor is calibrated for the output which sensing the blood’s color only. This system consists of an IR sensor, Microcontroller, Bluetooth wireless module and alert components. The 5V supply is used to operate controller’s board and sensor’s circuit board. The red color sensing algorithm is simply evaluated on the microcontroller. The goal of this system is to give alarm when the sensor senses the red color only. So if blood leak occur on the arterio-venous fistula, it can be detected during hemodialysis treatment. This system also transmits the blood leak occurrence to the computer via the Bluetooth transmission and appropriate alerts are taken immediately by the healthcare workers to prevent any risk happen to the patient during hemodialysis therapy. Index Terms— Blood Leakage, Hemodialysis, Infrared Sensor, Microcontroller.