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Considering Temperament (T) & Character (C) Of Middle Managers In Governmental Hospitals Of Shiraz And Comparing It With Control Group In 2015

Field & Goals Managers like other social members have special individual talents, inclination and motivation and based on it their attitude, science and valuable rules are different. According to managers ’power position and their rights of making decision toward other members of society, their personality can be effective on their decisions, methods and success .This research has been done with the aim of considering T&C (temperament& character) attributes in middle managers of shiraz in 2015. Investigating method This research was a sectional study with the existing sampling method by the corporation of 200 members of society in 2015.To gather data from information questionnaire demography and Kloninger questionnaire(TCI) with 125 questions ,for recognizing Temperament attributes in 4 dimensions including novelty seeking ,harm avoidance ,reward-dependence and perseverance and Character in 3 dimensions of self-directedness ,corporation and self- transcendence have been used .Validity and stability of this form by Kaviani and Poornaseh have been confirmed .From Spss software 20 paper and Kay score and T tests have been used for analyzing data. Results: In studying average age of 327/05+-6/7 years and women had the most demographical abundance .The conclusions showed t attribution in novelty seeking dimension with average and deviation of 6/4+-3/08.Harm avoidance dimension of 7/1+-3/9 and T reward dependence 7/2+-3/09 and also T&C self- transcendence dimensions of 8/8+-3/69, there is considerable difference in the case and group control. Conclusions: Considering these attributes in management positions candidate members as one of the important factors of organizational obligations can help to the recognition and prediction of proper people and by this improvement and progression can be achieved in hygienic and medical organizations. Key words- Personality, Temperament, Character, Managers, Hospital