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Investigating Frequency And Reasons Of 1-59 Month Children Mortality In The City Of Mahshahr During 2010-14

Mortality of children and especially in children bellow 5 years old, is one of important indicators in development and health of countries and shows the hygienic condition and health of a society. So, investigating rate of mortality in children has special importance in order to detection the reasons and effective factors in creating illness for decreasing illness in society and is an undeniable necessity for presenting solutions and hygienic policies to preventing the same mortalities in future. Present study was done with the aim of investigating frequency and reasons of 1-59 month children mortality in the city of MahShahr during years 2010-14. The way of collecting data, census and statistical universe including all recorded mortality of 1-59 children residing urban and rural areas of MahShahr which during 5 year(2010-2014) period of their death were reported to urban and rural health centers of MahShahr and standard questionnaire of health organization were completed. After extraction of data and change to statistical numbers to analyzing them, statistical and descriptive ways including tables of frequency distribution, figures and analytical statistics including Chi Square Test in SPSS22 software were used. Total recorded mortalities in MahShahr during studied years were 116 which the most numbers of death were 32(27.5%) related to year 91 and the least were 13(11.5%) related to year 90. The most frequency of death are related to 73 of 1-12 months infants(62.6%) and after that 17 of 13-24(14.8%) and 10 of 25-34(8.7%). The relationship between mortality reasons and age by Chi Squire Test ( p is less than 0.05) was investigated and there was a meaningful relationship between mortality and age of children. Findings showed that congenital defects, accidents, diarrhea and infectious illnesses were reasons of death in children of 1-59 month. According to the results of present study, performing interferences including consultation and supplementary tests and genetics especially in family marriages before marriage and pregnancy, finding a cure of concerned responsible people in controlling air pollutions, exact and permanent supervision to the quality of representing children's health cares in environmental centers and increasing of parents awareness by collected training in the field of accidents and obeying health points and apropos referring to their children to health centers in order to receiving services and decreasing mortality are necessary and they place as health universal preferences considered planners. Keywords- Reasons Of Mortality, Children Of 1-59 Months, Mahshahr