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Macroscopic Characteristics Of Cassava (Manihot Esculenta Crantz) Stem At Different Locations Along The Height

he aim of this research was to determine the macroscopic characteristic of Cassava stem. The macroscopic characteristics being examined werecore diameter, stem diameter, number of nodes, and the internodes length along the height of the Cassava stem.The Cassava stem were randomly selected and cut from a local plantation area in Perak, Malaysia. A total number of 202 stems were being used as a sample in this study. The result shows that the macroscopic characteristics vary considerably along the height from bottom to the top. The core diameter and number of nodes were found to gradually increase alongthe Cassava stem height. The stem diameter and internodes length on the contrary decrease from bottom to the top of the Cassava stem. The result acquired in this work could provide important information for future research on potential utilization of Cassava stem for composite products. Keywords- Cassava Stem, Macroscopic Characteristic, Core Diameter, Stem Diameter, Nodes, Internodes