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Environmental Impacts Of Various Refrigerants And Energy Performance Comparisons Using In A Residential Cooling System

Determination of the refrigerant has a direct impact on the global warming and energy efficiency of the systems. Considering the environmental effects, R32, R410A and, R744 (CO2) were evaluated as refrigerants in a residential cooling system. In this study a single house cooling system was used. This paperpresents comparisons ofR32, R410A and, R744 about mass flow rate, coefficient of performance, global warming potential, operating pressure and flammability. In especial R32 is a fairly new refrigerant and R744 is the most environmental friendly refrigerant among the recent researches and calculations.Kyoto Protocol, Montreal Protocol, global warming potential and, ozone depletion potential were mentioned in this paper. Index Terms— Refrigerant, Residential Cooling System, R32, R410A, R744, GWP, ODP.