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Eutrophication And Aquatic Life

Growing of algal blooms and other plants are one of the major problems faced by the water bodies caused due to number of activities done by the humans. This growing of plants is nothing but eutrophication one of the major problems due to which water quality is getting deteriorated and ecosystem is getting destroyed. The foremost effect of eutrophication is on the aquatic life. A large number of species of animals and plants have their shelter under the water and this eutrophication affects them hazardously. Some of the serious defects include fish kills, and also death of some of the aquatic plants. Eutrophication is caused mainly due to addition of nutrients into the water body mainly due to human activities. As this has very serious consequences on aquatic life, it is necessary to scale the causes responsible for eutrophication and hence is necessary to take drastic steps to recover from this serious problem affecting the water life. This paper briefly gives an overview of eutrophication and mainly how it affects the aquatic life. Keywords— Eutrophication, Algal blooms, red tides, fish kills, dead zones.