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Analysis And Reduction Of SI And Emission From PCB Trace

The via provides best way for routing electrical connections on different layers of the PCB can be done through via. The via discontinuities on the PCB trace brings in new Signal Integrity (SI) and Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) related issues. While direct simpler mathematical models are available for characterizing the PCB traces, designers will have to depend on 3D field solvers for the via. This is often a complex and costly process. Also as the via dimensions are small in comparison with the signal wavelength over several GHz, the via can be easily represented by lumped elements. In this paper it an attempt to model the PCB via based on the physical geometry is demonstrated. The via is initially characterized by measurement and simulation. From S parameters obtained, parametric extraction is employed to obtain a lumped model of the via. The analysis is repeated for the lumped element model with vias of different geometries. The results are combined using the Design of Experiments (DoE) to obtain an analytical model for the via. Keywords— Signal Integrity, PCB via model, improving signal integrity.