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Investigation On Lattice Parameters And Dielectric Properties Of Li-Ti Modified Pbknb Ceremicmaterial

Ferroelectric Lithium and Titanium modified Lead Potassium Niobate ceramic material is prepared by using solid-state reaction method. The lattice parameters and dielectric behavior were investigated in a range of frequencies (500Hz-20 KHz) and temperatures (4250 C-5050 C). The phase transition temperatures (Tେ) have been observed from real and imaginary parts of the dielectric constant versus temperatures at 1 KHz in the composition. High ε′ and ε′′ in low frequency region related to space charge polarization. The interaction between charge carriers exponent n(T) and strength of polarizability A(T) are observed to be minimum and maximum at Tc respectively. Keywords— Ferroelectric, Lattice parameters, Dielectric properties, Phase transition, PKN ceramics, X-ray Diffraction.