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Virtual Reality And Holobag

“Virtual Reality (VR)” was proposed by Jaron Lanier, founder of VPL Research (1989). Alternate names for VR are virtual environment (VE), cyberspace (proposed by William Gibson), artificial reality, augmented reality [2]. VR simulates the virtual world around you that makes user think of being in a real world (virtually created). A true virtual environment must include immersion and interactivity. Virtual reality uses HMD (Head Mounted Devices), PCs and graphics software to perform immersion and input devices such as joystick, data gloves and different kind of sensors for user interaction [1]. Virtual Reality is an emerging technology that has application areas such as Real estate, manufacturing of vehicles, training program for the military, in medicine doctors can train for surgical procedure and diagnosing the patient with fear and other conditions, virtual games. This paper also includes innovative ideas that can be implemented using any of three (Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality as well as Holograms). Index Terms— HoloBag, Virtual Reality, Virtual Environment.