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Characterization Of Critical Properties Of Ceramic Insulator Through Weibull Continuous Probability Distribution

It is a fair statement that the strength of ceramics that can be virtually correlated to porcelain insulators’ strength is modeled by statistics as; identical components are unlikely to fail at a single reproducible strength. In the present work, an attempt has been made to perform a detailed statistical analysis of the strength data using a larger class of probability models specifically applying Weibull. The Weibull distribution has a more appropriate form for small strengths and is mathematically more relevant and convenient to use for the current problem. Results based on application of Weibull distribution and development of probabilistic models that shows the confidence interval for any particular breaking stress value is obtained. Consistent repetition of test values further supported the developed models. These results are significantly useful in the design of ceramic insulators. Keywords— Statistical, Weibull, Continuous distribution, Discrete distribution.