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Research On Effects Of Nektons And Air Animals' Features To Technology Of Today And Future

Place of technology in our world that includes competing billions of people for being successful by doing big works with limited sources is undisputedly important. It is obvious that choosing the most logical way for technology's bringing problems and finding unique innovations to update systems and to create a new product provide big advantages. As we enforcing these methods searching new innovations and solutions by blinking methods for solving problems of living creatures' that living already on this planet before humanity's coming and become an expert about solving problems cause us losing time and money. Researches show that most of innovations we found are already subsisted in methods of living creatures' living on this planet for millions of years and features they have. In this work effects of sea and air animals' features to technology was researched and tried to light up innovations can be made in the future. Key Words- Biomimicry, Feature, Innovation, Science of nature