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The Analysis Of Water Pollution In The Leaching Of Batu Alam Desa Bobos Area Dukupuntang Sub-District Cirebon Regency

In the process of batu alam deduction, water is required to facilitate the process of splitting the stones and cool the cutting plate. Wastewater mixed with rock and debris become gray. Most of industrial wastewater drains directly into the river. As a result, the river water polluted and the impact of this pollution be bad for some aspects of hman being lives. In addition to making no unsightly views,the only source water for the irrigation of rice fields around the stone industry is not uncommon to make the harvest failed, and rice production declined. The samples examined by using bio indicator such as a goldfish and testing physical factors include the acidity level (pH), electrolyte and temperature. The river water indicated for several pollution levels with color indicators are very turbinity and the fish only survive for two days. In addition, the river water is sources of water for irrigation were also polluting the rice field water by the indicator level. Fish only survive for two days. Additionaly, the river water flowing into rice fields possibility percolating into the ground so water well used for human being life also polluted. However, water poluution is still lower, it indicated by the color of the water which is still clear, and a goldfish can live long in it. The water in the Desa Bobos also compounended with a lack of wastewater treatment plant Installations number that serves to reduce the wastewater before the river. Keywords- Water Pollution, the Leaching of Batu Alam, Wastewater.