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Modulus Function And Pixel Value Differencing Coupled With Modified Pixel Indicator Based Secret Data Hiding Method

Steganography has become very important research area to provide the security to network communications. In Steganography large amount secret data in the form of text file is hidden into image or audio files. In this paper the MF&PVD method coupled with Pixel Indicator (PI) technique in the colour image, is proposed for enhanced visual quality of stego-image and security. This paper proposed new improved technique that take the advantage of 24 bits in each Pixel in the RGB images using two least significant bits of one channel to indicate existence of data in the other two remaining channels i.e. RED channel is used as indicator and only one channel GREEN or BLUE is used to hide the secret data by using Modulus Function and Pixel Value Differencing (MF and PVD) Method. It is very difficult for attacker to extract hidden data from stego image which is generated by using this method. The Performance parameters used are Peak Signal to Noise Ratio (PSNR) and hiding capacitsy which shows better result. Keywords— Steganography, Modulus Function and Pixel value Differencing(MF and PVD), Pixel Indicator(PI), Peak Signal to Noise Ratio(PSNR).