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Identifying Of Effective Factors On Nosocomial Infection Control In Dena Hospital, Shiraz, Iran,2016

Background: increasing trend of nosocomial infection as a most important problems of health systems and related researches results, which show infection control leads health care systems to decrease in mortality and morbidity, side effects and costs rate, so knowing various methods of infection control is inevitable Purpose of this study is Identifying of effective factors on nosocomial infection control in Dena hospital, shiraz,Iran,2016. this research was done in four main scope includes: medical equipments,environmental health, human resourses,education and implementation and supervision. Materials and methods :This study ,is applicable ,descriptive , analytic study which , was done sectionally in 2016 winter in subspecialty Dena hospital , Shiraz, Iran. Number of samples are 100 .they include infection control committee members and head nurses and nurses ,which chosen on the base of Cochran formula and random selection from each group. Results :on the base of researcher made questionnaire and interviews ,Data analyzing in this research was done through discovering and verification methods and descriptive and analytic statistics were achieved by using SPSS software and accounting statistical tests such as Fried man test , T test , Rank mean which were shown in tables , graphs, percent , mean and frequency. Among four effective scopes on infection control ,there is a significant difference and ranking. Strill instruments and equipments with permitted materials(14.44), Using disposable instruments(13.96),supply Cleaning and protecting materials and equipments(13.31) ,determined as an important factors on infection control in hospital.(medical equipments scope).Not appropriate infection control education with staffs level of education is most important obstacle for infection control method complete implementation(28%).successfulness of infection control supervisors and committees function are as in order(67%) and (70%).in Dena hospital just (75%) of committees approvals were implemented during year and effective factors for total implementation is existence of enough financial sources(25%). Conclusion: most important effective scopes on infection control as in order are ,medical equipments,environmental health, education and supervision ,human sources .financial sources is most important factor for total implementation of committees approvals. appropriate education to staffs educations level ,pave the way for implementation of all infection controls methods .doing all basis in various scopes in infection control field ,symmetrically could leads us in achieving proper rate of infection. Keywords- nosocomial infection, infection control methods