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Photocatalytic Oxidation Of Wastewater Contaminated With Phenol Using Graphene/TIO2 Nanocomposite

Graphene oxide (GO) loaded of commercial P25 TiO2 (Ti) nanoparticles was prepared from graphite using Hummers` method. Reduction of GOTi by hydrogen gas, hydrazine hydrate and hydrothermal methods was applied to obtain H2RGOTi, HHRGOTi, and RGOTi respectively. The as-prepared nanocomposites were tested toward the photodegradation of phenol in presence and absence of H2O2 using UV lamp as an excitation source. The best phenol degradation was obtainedin the case of RGOTi nanocomposite in presence of H2O2. To imitate the sun light, the Xe lamp was used in the case of RGOTi in presence and absence of H2O2and/or O3. The photodegradation of phenol was enhanced upon addition H2O2 or O3 .However, significant increase in degradation %was observed when both H2O2 and O3 were added, in which 83.7 % degradation was observed within 30 min. under experimental conditions studied. Keywords- P25 TiO2, Nanocomposite, Graphene Oxide, Photo Degradation, Phenol.